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EUR and GDR Window System


The newly designed EUR and GDR Systems are based on more than 25 years of experience in advanced window design and reflects the state-of-the art in aluminium window frames. The designer of the new systems, Giuseppe Ronchetti Architects, have been the designers of many very successful aluminium window systems produced and marketed by some of the leading extrusion firms and system houses in Europe, the Middle-East and China. The new EUR & GDR window systems embody the latest developments of design and technology in aluminium window frames using PA isolators and the best accessories the industry can produce.
Each system includes non isolated and isolated profiles, the latter with 14.7 and 24 mm isolators and using the same profiles wherever possible.

gdr system

GDR window without isolator and with 14.7 and 24 mm small isolator

The same designers have also systems available for curtain walls, partitions, shutters and ballustrades. All systems are efficient in use and production, of outstanding architectural design and have an excellent price-performance ratio.
RonchettiGroup in co-operation with Qualiteam International proposes you these complete systems at a very reasonable price. The purchased system will be your property without further royalties to pay. The package comprises a complete system catalogue with detailed technical drawings, Auto-CAD die drawings ready for production, a full range of accessories with drawings and addresses of manufacturers and suggestions for local production, tooling for window manufacturing, a training for window manufacturing, etc.. Within a couple of months you are on your way....!

sliding doors

EUR sliding doors with and without isolator

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