Micro and mini extrusion presses








Big in small presses


All presses are custom made according to the specifications elaborated with the customer. 

Application: Production of quality profiles in Aluminium (Alloy), Magnesium, Copper, Titanium, Lithium, Silver, Gold and other alloys or for use in Laboratories and Technical- and R&D Centres.

Press power: 15 M Ton - 1000 M Ton.
Type: Direct and Indirect
Billet size: 1" - 4" for the range of 160 - 1000 T.


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Hydraulic system: High pressure pump designed for speed movement control. Pressure: up to 350 bars.
Electrical system: High level system designed to control the press with HMI (Human Machine Interface )
Tooling: Modernized bayonet dies
Die slide: Movable and cutting die slide.

The Mini Press will be supplied with main dies and samples. The producer will be in charge of the start up, training and service.

1000 Ton R&D press

1000 ton (970 T) front loading press, cutting edge technology. The press is designed to extrude from 0.1 mm/sec ram speed to 40 mm/sec with high precision. The press ram and container are mounted on a X-guide that runs on the press tie rods maintaining the center of press power accurately. 

The control of this press is very versatile:

  • Very low speed / high power for hard alloy
  • Normal speed / high power standard alloy
  • High speed / high power super speed novel alloys

All controls via software.

Press total power 1000 Amp 400 V
Press inner pressure is 1.100 MPa
Tooling, pumps and container are specially designed to handle this high pressure.

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Front loading indirect mini press, 
the only in the market for one man operation

Indirect short stroke mini press

indirect press

Mini press for the production of brazing alloys

Laboratory 25 T press for fine metallurgy and biomedical applications

micro press

Research and training press 300 T - 600 T

see picture file > >

150 T production press

200 T press

Electric billet heater


Besides a billet heater, a full set of auxiliaries can delivered, including (but not limited to):

  • billet shear or saw
  • billet loader
  • cooling tunnel / quench with ultrasonic water spray
  • puller and run out
  • cooling table
  • submarine type stretcher
  • cold cut-to-length saw

Used laboratory press

50 T press made by LOIRE, France and designed by eng. Fernand Gachy (partner of Qualiteam International) just after he had finished his studies at the Technical University in Nantes. The press served for many years at Degussa in Germany producing silver and gold wire until it was sold by Qualiteam International to a consortium of TNO and a private company in The Netherlands for the development of new alloys. Fernand Gachy passed away in 2013, 76 years old.


The same LOIRE press in 2005, still going strong..


For inquiries contact:

Thomas de Meijer
Champs Elyseesweg 17
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