Equipment for the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry






New equipment


New aluminium extrusion presses and auxiliaries

Qualiteam International represents one of the leading manufacturers of compact presses in Europe making presses ranging from 600 to 3000 metric tons in aluminium.
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mini press  

Mini and micro presses

Mini presses with press power of 160 to 600 MT for the direct or indirect extrusion of 1 - 3 inch billets of Aluminium Alloy, Magnesium and Copper. Specially designed for use in laboratory and small scale production. Read more >>

billet heater  

Furnaces and Ovens

QI sells new and used billet heaters, die ovens and ageing ovens for extrusion profiles to your specifications both gas and induction.


Foundries and billet cast houses

In co-operation with leading construction firms from Europe and Asia QI proposes turn-key casthouses for secondary aluminium billet of excellent quality at a very attractive price.

hot saw  

Revision of aluminium extrusion press lines

Aluminium presses can be completely refurbished hydraulically and electronically to as-new condition. Obsolete parts of the line can be replaced with new equipment up to the newest standards, such as double pullers, run-out tables, stretchers, (flying hot-) saws, stacker and de-stacker equipment, basket handling, ageing ovens, packaging equipment, billet heaters and loaders, die ovens. In short a complete line.


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