Dismantling of Extrusion and Rolling Equipment





A job for specialists

For the dismantling and transportation Qualiteam International works exclusively with the best specialists in the field. Careful planning is of the essence. Several weeks before the dismantling starts, cranes and/or heavy lift portals have to be ordered, deep loaders have to be contracted and permissions for special transport and police escort have to be applied for.

During the first days of dismantling, te site is fenced (if requested) and all equipment is carefully marked at the disconnecting points. Proper marking is crucial for easy re-assembly at the site of the new owners. A regular dismantling will take around 15 days, but sometimes the owners require the dismantling to be done in a shorter period, because a new press has to be installed. In such cases the press is only partially dismantled on the site and further dismantling and packing is continued off site. We recommend the purchasing party sends a supervisor in order to get acquainted with the equipment and the loading schedule.

Cost of dismantling
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Below pictures are taken in the period 2006 to 2011.

planning the day

Planning on site between dismantling technician and project managers

unloading tools

Unloading the tools...

marking the disconnection points

Marking the disconnection points

sorting nuts and bolts

Sorting nuts and bolts

foil wrapping of electric cabinets

Foil wrapping of electric cabinets

Lifting the oil tank

Lifting the oil tank

Press frame is left under stress

Press frame is left under stress where possible

Special heavy crane

Special heavy cranes

lift portal

Lifting portal


Heavy Lifting Car

Ready for transport

Ready for transport...

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