FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Why do owners replace a good press or production line by new machinery?
The most frequent reasons are:

  • Reduction of personel by a modern press of equal size

  • Increase of productivity by a modern press of equal size

  • Saving of space: instead of adding an extra press, the owner replaces an existing press by a bigger one

  • In the USA and Europe the average size of profiles is increasing, so also for this reason the trend is towards bigger presses

Why do owners not sell the complete line?
Ageing Ovens, for example, are frequently part of a battery of ovens for a multi-press plant and may not be available for sale.
Run out and handling systems might have been modernised recently and perfectly all right for the new press that replaces the older one. The same goes for billet heaters, etc. In such case we can always complete the line by European or Asian equipment, depending on budget.

Can I trust a main cylinder having cracks?
All presses have mini-cracks, even new ones. The size of the crack is crucial and it is important to check the presence of cracks in a used machine by ultra-sonic test. The presence of a repair welding should not be alarming; the place of the welding is probably the strongest !

Can Qualiteam International offer transportation to my nearest port?
Yes. Each destination and each country requires a different approach in dismantling, packing and shipping, so we can offer those services only after serious interest on the part of the customer is confirmed.

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