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General Information about Offers

New Presses and auxiliary equipment
Besides used equipment, Qualiteam International can propose a complete new turn-key aluminium plant (without civil work, but with the required floor plan and engineering data for the civil work, buildings, etc.). We offer European equipment made according to the latest "state of the art" design, short-stroke presses (front-loading) and high-tech features for very high productivity. In case such proposition is not feasible, low budget solutions are available.

Other equipment for extrusion plants
Qualiteam International is in a position to offer:
Complete Billet Foundries
Billet Ovens, Ageing Ovens, Die Ovens, Run out tables and other auxiliaries
Anodising and painting lines
Packaging lines
Designs for window & door systems as well as curtain wall systems for all types of climate; both basic and very advanced
Complete equipment for window & door manufacturing

Visit of equipment, Visa
If you need visa to visit the European Union or any other country, please let us know quickly, so we can prepare an Invitation Letter. By experience we know that it may take quite a long time to arrange for visa. Please send us per return for each visitor: full name (as in passport), birth date and passport number, the full name of your company plus fax number and the full delivery address (private and company, no PO Box), so we or the owners can send you an invitation letter to obtain your visa. We need also the address, telephone and fax number of the consulate concerned. Please check with the consulate the exact requirements for the Invitation Letter and check if you need a confirmation of your hotel booking from the hotel(s) where you will be staying. Be aware that all these formalities have become very strict in the recent years especially for the European Union.

Payment terms and other conditions
Please note that all used presses are offered “as is, where is “, “subject to unsold” and "subject to inspection and verification". Please let us know which presses in our offer might be of interest and which not, so we can direct our search better. An indication of your budget might be helpful to search in the good direction. If we have other presses in the size and price range requested by you, we will inform you immediately.

As all used equipment is offered "as is, where is" (in situ), dismantling, packing, transportation and insurance from the plant of the seller to the customer is - in most cases and depending on the situation- for the customers' account. We can assist in evaluating the cost of these steps and make an offer for transport to FOB or even CIF your nearest port. For practical reasons, it is better to leave the organisation of the dismantling and transport to us, because you may encounter problems of VAT (Value Added Tax) payment and export documentation.

Most prices are in USD or EUR (depending on origin) or GBP for equipment located in the UK or Northern Ireland.

New equipment is sold FOB nearest seaport of the maker and payable by bank transfer for the first down payment and the balance by L/C according to the agreed payment schedule.

Used equipment is payable by bank transfer at conclusion of contract (first part) and the balance before dismantling. Please take this into account for the financing of your purchase. In exceptional cases owners may accept an Irrevocable L/C, confirmed by first class European or American bank for a last part of the contractual sum only and payable cash against documents before shipment; the L/C has always to be opened at least 2 weeks before dismantling.

Cost of dismantling and transportation
For an average size press of 1600 – 2500 T with full auxiliaries it will take between ± 80.000 - 120.000 EUR to dismantle in case of sale "as is, where is". This includes hiring of cranes and packing material. We and/or the owners can assist you to arrange for this on the spot. As a general rule of experience you will need for a medium size 1600 T press plus full auxiliaries: 10 x 40 ft containers and 2 x 20 ft containers plus 3 pieces of break bulk (the front platen, the main ram plus cylinder and the oil tank). These 3 pieces might also be put on 1 or 2 heavy flat racks (platforms) instead of break bulk. A heavier press such as a 2000 T, might need a couple of containers more than indicated above, but not much more. A smaller press will require less space and in some cases smaller presses can be transported un-dismantled in a container.

We advise to have the press not totally dismantled, but, where possible, to take off only the oil tank, the butt shear and the container, leaving the frame of the press in pre-stressed condition. The weight of an average press is then ± 70 MT. You will save on dismantling and re-assembly costs, although transportation will be somewhat more expensive (including police escorted convoy). It is important to check the weight allowance of the roads and bridges from the port to your plant well in advance, so we can decide to what extend the press has to be dismantled. We advise also to check the possibility of access by train for the main frame of the press.

For the dismantling, re-assembly and commissioning we have specialists that can assist you. If you do not hire the same company for dismantling and re-assembly, we would always advise you to have people from your company or at least a supervisor to be present during dismantling, so that it will be easier for you and your engineers to erect the line in your plant afterwards.

See photo impressions of > dismantling and > transportation

Revamping, Start up, Management
We can also provide you:

  • engineers to assist you in inspection of the plant and make a revamping and optimisation plan.
  • control and management of revamping works
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