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Henry Ford said:
"Quality means: doing it right when no one is looking

alu2010Micro presses for metal research laboratories

micro press

2016: Delivery of a 400 T mini R&D press to one of the most prestigious high tech companies in the world







Aluminium & Extrusion


Looking for aluminium extrusion equipment ? Qualiteam provides the best alternatives. For offers click the button Portfolio in the left menu or here ...

Thomas V.M. de MeijerTom de Meijer

In the last fifteen years the company has focussed on the extrusion industry and has become one of the leading brokers in new and used extrusion press lines for aluminium, copper & brass and stainless steel. Contact us for futher details ...

mini-press We provide micro and mini presses to leading laboratories and research centers all over the world. Read more...

Sale of new and used equipment for the aluminium and copper extrusion industry. Read more...

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